6 Things You Should Know Before Hiking Larapinta Trail

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that Larapinta Trail is one of the most mind-blowing trails in Australia. Hiking this trail will leave you with the best memorable experiences ever. Larapinta Trail is found just outside Alice Springs covering about 223-231 kilometers across the West Macdonnell Ranges

Larapinta Trail is one of the world’s best and long-distance arid-zone walks. It takes approximately 12-15 days for one to hike the whole trail.  It is a very inspiring adventure. If you’re planning to hike Larapinta Trail, here are the most useful things you should know.

this is a picture walking larapinta trail


The Ideal Season to Hike the Trail

This is equally important, knowing the exact suitable time to hike Larapinta Trail will help you get organized. You will also have the best experience. The ideal and most recommended months are between April and September. October can be inclusive but be prepared for a little heat. Beware that the night temperatures can really go low, packing the right clothes for all conditions is a necessity.

The Routes – Conditions – Transport

Avoid surprises. Know the routes and understand your limits. The Larapinta Trail is well marked and therefore it will be easy for you to follow routes. The condition of the trail is quite tough. Very rocky. It is a good idea that you use maps to ease your navigation. It is very unfortunate that there is no public transport available. You will either have to hitch or use private shuttles.

Challenges to Expect

There are a lot of rocky sections. You must be prepared for this. Bring a knee strap due to the intense pressure that is likely to be exerted toward your knees. Without a careful footing and ankle support, you should be prepared for trouble. Larapinta Trail is very rugged. Be aware of the red dirt also. Ensuring that you have the right hiking shoes will save you a lot.

this is a picture walking larapinta trail

Safety Measures

This one should not be taken lightly. There are some significant threats. There are dingoes, wallabies, and reptiles. Snakes can be very dangerous, especially the King Brown snakes. Be very careful with where you set your foot. These reptiles can really be dangerous. Wallabies are very beautiful creatures to observe. Just be cautious about them. Having a hiking boot is not an option.


It is not possible for you to complete the whole walking tour in just a single day. Sleeping is, therefore a must. Beautiful places recommended for you to spend the night are Brinkley’s Bluff and Counts Point. You only need to carry enough water. If you can’t make either of them, camping is possible along the entire trail. Do not be afraid as there are no attacks during the night.

What Else Should You Know?

Preparing physically before going for a hike at this place is paramount. If you don’t, be sure to have a really hard time. Using your phone can be limited. The phone reception available is only with Telstra and it’s at certain ridges and the summit of Mount Sonder. If you’ve never heard about Witchetty Grubs, ask for some delicacy made out of it. They are wood-eating white larvae mainly found in central Australia. Walking to reach places, it is ultimately amazing.

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