What Are the Benefits and Secrets Behind Walking

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Walking every day for 30minutes can help prevent the risk of heart disease such as stroke by 27%. It also helps in controlling high blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol which contributes to heart diseases and helps in increasing good blood cholesterol. 

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Strengthening Bones and Joints

Every day morning walk can help prevent osteoporosis which is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone or the body is unable to make enough bone, as a result of this the bones can break easily when a little pressure is applied on them.  Walking helps in preventing bone thinning which is one of the major symptoms of osteoporosis.  My bones have become very weak feeling after doing so many years of hard labor as a concrete contractor. Walking and eating right has seemingly fixed many of my problems. 

Preventing Unhealthy Weight Gain

Taking a walk every day helps in burning extra calories which are responsible for unhealthy weight gain. If you want to maintain a healthy weight and also body size then make walking your hobby. Walking can slowly burn calories and there will be a high percentage of fat calories being burned. 

What You Should Know About Different Types of Walking

There are different ways of walking. It all depends on the speed and where you do the walk.

Brisk Walking: In this type of walking one needs to be upright bent elbows and relax shoulders then look forward and start walking, one should walk faster until he or she feels slightly breathless. It should not be too slow or too fast, one should be able to converse with a companion at the same time. Brisk walking burns down 140 calories in 30 minutes.

Hill Walking: It involves walking on hills and mountains.  Hill walking helps you in getting the tone and definition of your legs that you want. It burns 430 calories in 60 minutes.

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Water Walking: This can be done in a swimming pool- water buoyancy supports your body weight- thus reducing stress on the joints and relieving pain. It’s ideal for patients with osteoporosis, arthritis, and joint pain.

Important Consideration that Will Make Your Walk Successful

Have the right gear:  If you want to go for a morning walk then consider having the right gear and which you feel comfortable in, for example, you cannot take a walk or run in the morning with high heeled shoes.

You should consider buying sneakers or any type of sports shoes of your size, having a shoe which is smaller than your foot may feel uncomfortable. Get also lightweight clothes preferably non-cotton clothes which will let you move around comfortably. Cotton made clothes absorb sweat and make you feel uncomfortable.

Set your time: Before taking a walk you need to set the time that you need to walk, 30 minutes is a good time to set for your walk and 20 minutes is good for a beginner. Give yourself enough time to eat, digest, take shower and dress and get ready for the day.

Plan your route: If you consider taking a walk in the neighborhood, then you need to plan the route to take. Use a route that you know well so as to adhere to the time that you have set.

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